1. Leading success-oriented example work on the market.
  2. Not to be good, to be the center of consistently better and quality formations.
  3. Innovation (Continuous improvement studies)
  4. To be a reliable service provider with marketing and sales studies.
  5. To contribute to the improvement of business models in the market by way of information and service transfer.
  6. Continuity in services and being a model and participant in the field of business through Stability.


  1. To realize budget targets.
  2. Achieving sustainable growth.
  3. Being a service provider focused on Profitability and Efficiency.
  4. Increasing Brand Value
  5. Produce and Share Executable Projects with Business Partners.
  6. Ensuring that business partners are in a profitable and competitive position.
  7. Contributing to market growth by contributing to creating new business areas and business models by investing with purpose